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Last week I had a significant “ah-ha” moment.  While participating in a group call on clearing money issues with Carolyn Cooper.  I muscle tested myself on the affirmations she stated and the generational issues that surfaced for the group, to see how strong or weak I was on beliefs surrounding my relationship with money.

What I learned applies to ALL of us:

Our relationship with money is as unique as our family tree.



Our “Money Tree” is our “Family Tree”

Often when we go seeking advice on how to better manage our money, it is as if we are trying to plant a new “money tree” and force it to grow to maturity on our own terms.  In reality, we already have a money tree, it just needs some extra care.  If we can identify which parts of our original money tree has dis-ease, we can help it begin to grow again and become fruitful.

We have inherited many of our beliefs about money and our relationship to it, making us as unique as the family tree we come from.  Though others might have similar false beliefs, those beliefs are also unique to them.  HOW?  Because they stem from different ancestral experiences in our own family trees that created beliefs surrounding wealth, affluence, power, relationships and money.

Some of the things I realized about my “money tree” that were generational beliefs included -

1) “I feel safe in debt.”  This is ridiculous, but personally true.  Debt had become a place of safety for me.  The ways I chose to spend money were personally acceptable.  I believed that going into a bit of debt, for a good cause or a deemed necessity, was safe and justified.  This was perpetuating a false and limiting belief that being in debt was safe and okay.

2) I tested myself on 2 different affirmations – “I feel safe with money” & “Money is/feels safe with me.”    It was easy to clear out the negative energy surrounding “Money is/feels safe with me.”  On the the other hand, the belief  “I feel safe with money” wasn’t so easy.  It is easy to see now that when I received money I didn’t feel safe with it because  I had already created places for it to go as soon as I had earned it.  Just like that, it was gone, like I never had it in the first place.  I had 7 different generational belief patterns that were causing this weakness.  Most were on my father’s side.  They went back 5 and 6 generations which would be about the turn of the 20th century and possibly connected with many of my immigrant ancestors.

This is why I love what I do.  I get the opportunity to identify the subconscious and conscious belief patterns that hold us back from health and wealth.  When I say wealth I am not referring to money only, but to all that brings an abundant life.

Every family is unique and we each hold different generational beliefs about money and our relationship with it.  This can make the experience with money such a struggle.  We all have our “money trees”, some of the branches just need a little pruning.  Let me help you clear all the beliefs that are holding you back from a more abundant future for yourself and your “money tree”.

For those ready for my assistance in helping you and your “money tree”,  you can schedule a private clearing session with me.

Love and Light,


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  1. Janae says:

    Love the analogy. So true! And when you add marriage to the mix, there’s a whole other tree to contend with.

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