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Within Energy Medicine you will find an energy system that is referred to as the Chakras.

There are 7 main chakras that are wheels of energy that essentially bathe your organs in light.  The Chakras begin at the base of your spine and go to the top of your head as you see in the diagram.  Each of these chakras has a special function and purpose.  This is  a VERY brief overview of the Chakra System.

#1 – Root Chakra – RED – Survival

#2 – Sacral Chakra – ORANGE – Creation/Sexuality

#3 – Solar Plexus – YELLOW – Power/Will

#4 – Heart Chakra – GREEN – Love/Relationships

#5 – Throat Chakra – BLUE – Communication/Expression

#6 – Brow Chakra or Third Eye – INDIGO – Intuition/Perspective

#7 – Crown Chakra – VIOLET – Awareness/Divine

There are important emotional and mental aspects of our lives that are carried in each of these different energy centers.

When starting, growing or managing a businesses it is extremely helpful to clear out the negative energy that has been attracted to our business by us or our employees.  By doing so we can attract more growth and success.

So how might these energy centers associated with the body apply to your business or the desire to grow your business?

Every Business needs a FOUNDATION or 1st Chakra.  It holds the right to be and to have.  When a foundation of any building is misaligned, the entire structure will be altered.  If your business isn’t built on a solid foundation and rooted in its purpose the success that you seek will either be fleeting or not accessible in the first place.

With your business founded and grounded, it is now in a place to CREATE.  A healthy 2nd Chakra is central to feeling safe.  Safety to create wealth without the guilt.  Creation happens when we are connected to our feelings and desires.  Often our money struggles are rooted in the energy of this chakra and show up in guilt of feeling or wanting success.

In building a business you must be willing to take risks, to act, to move.  The 3rd Chakra is our POWER CENTER.  Here we claim our power without diminishing others power.  We act from a place free of shame. We stand in and act out of our power, choosing to be free of blame and a victim mentality. This place of power combines the energy from the lower chakras with the upper chakras and transforms that all into action.  Choosing to act in our power is the pathway to the realization of our dreams and goals both personally and professionally.

A healthy 4th Chakra in your business will show up in BALANCE.  Balance in life, in time, in relationships.  It is the flow between the head and the feet, the consciousness and the doing.  A successful business is going to be all about successful relationships.  Success is cultivated by creating an environment between employees and management or the company and it’s client, that is free of constant criticism, abuses, guilt and rejection.  Your business will instead exude acceptance of self and others, love and forgiveness, initiative and teamwork.  Heart makes your business stand out amidst the crowd.

COMMUNICATION of your business and its purpose is naturally vital to it’s success.  The 5th Chakra is the center of expressing purpose.  The clearer we are with our purpose, the easier it is to communicate it in an honest way.  With all the previous chakra energies in balance, we are able to consciously communicate our vision, dreams, and purpose that provides our customers and clients opportunity to resonate with our message.

In building a business, it is necessary to see the unseen and know the unknown.  The 6th Chakra, aka, the Third Eye, is the center for SEEING and KNOWING what isn’t always apparent to the human eye.  It is connected to our intellect as well as our intuition. Our “sixth sense” or intuition has a huge impact in how we experience success.  When we open ourselves to inspired possibilities, we then have clarity in the different facets of our business.

When the 7th or Crown Chakra is healthy, we are CONNECTING the spiritual with the physical.  We choose work and business that reflects our consciousness because we are more aware of the connection of our physical reality with our spiritual purpose.  We find true meaning in our be-ing and doing of business.

It is very important to realize that the flow of energy goes both ways.  From the bottom-up and the top-down, 1-7 and 7-1.  The energy of a business is continually moving.  It will require openness to changing what needs to change when it appears and allowing inspiration to flow into the very physical and even mundane tasks of running a business.

You bring your own energy to the energy of your business and contribute to its rise and fall.  Be willing to take ownership for your contributions and change yourself so that your business can thrive and it becomes a vehicle for you to live out your individual purpose.



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Tamarah Bartmess is a wife, a homeschooling mother and a Certified SimplyHealed™ Practitioner, trained in the most comprehensive and efficient energy clearing modality available.  Author of “Weight Loss Affirmations” and Founder of The Lightsome Life, her purpose is to empower you in creating a life of Light, Truth and Opportunity.  If you are looking for simple and effective ways to experience greater confidence, clarity and contentment in your personal, professional and home life you have finally found the right person!

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