S.T.A.R.T your Stupid Idea Already!

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If you have been following me on Instagram, then I am sure you have seen the many photos I have posted while reading Richie Norton’s book “The Power of Starting Something Stupid”.  It is categorized as a business/self-help book but the principles he teaches go way beyond that. These principles are so simple, you wonder why anyone hadn’t put it together like this before.

Stupid is the new smart and you should watch this video to find out why.


Now that you have watched this video…. will you share your Stupid Idea?

Don’t worry, I’m not gonna steal it and I doubt many others will as well.  I have way too many other stupid ideas that I am passionate about, running rampant in my brain.

Since in the above video I asked that you look for ways to SERVE each other in your stupid ideas, I want to offer you the same. I shot this quick video last week and realized afterwards that I wasn’t really putting myself out there and showing you that I am willing to serve you too.  So, because of that I am opening 2 hours in my schedule next week to serve 8 people who might want appreciate my intuitive skills in clearing away the blocks you hold from engaging in your marvelous ideas.  I have limited slots of time available, but would like to offer them to you. Each Coaching/Energy Clearing call will only last 15 min.  So be prepared with your 1 idea you feel you want to implement and also what you think is your #1 belief/block that holds you back.

The first 8 people that enter their information HERE, I will personally contact via email and we’ll set up that time to best meet your needs.

Don’t forget! Leave a comment with your “stupid” idea below, and look for ways here or somewhere else that you can start Serving!

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