I had an energy session with Tamarah, and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but the moment I heard her voice I was set at ease. The process was absolutely eye-opening. I immediately felt lighter and more at ease.
At the time I was taking some neurotransmitter supplement to help with anxiety, and I relied on them heavily. Even though they weren’t “drugs” I didn’t ant to rely on them. After having my energy cleared in many areas and immediately feeling better, I switched to only taking my supplement as needed, instead of on a schedule every single day.
After my session with Tamarah, I only needed to take it every 2-3 days, and now I only take it once a week when certain factors make my anxiety flare up. I have another “tune up” session with Tamarah tomorrow and can’t wait to make even more progress.
I recommend a Simply Healed session for anyone who desires a more balanced emotional state, or even for other health discomforts. – McKenna


I would highly recommend Tamarah as a supportive SimplyHealed™ Practitioner.   I had no idea what to expect from our session, but found Tamarah to be right on with dates/times that I knew I was holding emotions from.  At one point when she asked me to affirm positive new things into a relationship, I choked up and could not speak as the emotion poured out.  She has a sweet, understanding spirit that puts you at ease.

Since our session I have experienced less hectic and fearful feelings.  I have been more confident even in areas I would normally shy away from!  I know that Tamarah will be a blessing to many! - Kayla


After working on the phone with Tamarah, I felt my spiritual and physical energy shift to a much lighter and bright energy! It was amazing how in tune she was to the core issues that were going on and I loved how quickly she was able to clear those issues! The days and weeks that followed brought me much happiness and I know it’s from the work that Tamarah was able to do for me! Thank you Tamarah for helping me be in a space and energy of happiness and love for myself and those around me! – Nicole K.


Tamarah Bartmess is a positive, upbeat intuitive. She welcomes clients with an understanding way that immediately puts you at ease. Her caring heart shines through in her willingness to listen. SimplyHealed™ is such an easy way to clear your energy and Tamarah brings a fresh perspective to her work. I am grateful Tamarah and I have crossed paths. My life is enriched from working with her. -Kathy


What I noticed about Tamarah, was her thoroughness. She was careful, and methodical, she was respectful as well.
There are a number of changes I have noticed, mostly more will to work at overcoming things I need to overcome.
Even if I don’t understand how this works, I can tell it has a positive and peaceful impact on my life.
So far as I compare this to the standard of truth I have adopted for myself, I do not see any contradictions or repudiations that would give me concern. - Mark


I was impressed by the easiness of Tamarah’s way of healing.  - Cyndy


Tamarah has worked with me at least ten time by now! She listens while I am talking and works super quickly to release whatever has got me triggered.  She follows where the energy leads and clears everything that needs to be cleared in an hour-long session. She has even done dedications for friends and family and coworkers that I am connected to. She has helped prepare me for important business interactions and set the company I work for up for success. I especially have loved her work on my relationships with others; it has helped me to feel confident about conversing with people that I am uncertain of working with, for different reasons. In every case, Tamarah has been thorough, kind, responsive, and also honoring of the energy. When it’s not right or the energy doesn’t want to go there, she always honors that. I think this is important because it honors my agency and creative powers as much as it honors the universe’s intention to heal all that it can.
In short, Tamarah is a gifted Simply Healed practitioner that I would recommend to anyone in my path! -Allison