A SimplyHealed™ Session

A typical private session takes place via phone.  Energy is not limited to time and location, so I will be able connect to your energy with your permission and then muscle test myself on your behalf.  Once you have made your appointment, you will receive reminder emails and the phone number to call for your Private Session.  Both my time and yours is valuable, so I keep to a strict schedule and intend that the Private Session will end after 50 minutes.

Prior to our session I encourage you to consider and email me 1-3 specific areas of your life that you are wanting to move forward in. These could be things associated with your physical, mental and emotional health, your relationships, home, business/work and even your pets. As we start, you will get to share with me your intentions and expectations of what you would like from our time together and I write these down for future reference. From there we will dive in and let your energy guide us in what needs to clear and what needs positive affirmations.  Each session is conducted with the intention that what is cleared is for your highest good.  Doing this will allow you to operate at a higher vibration and attract the best things for you into your life.  I often will take personal notes of the things we do as we go through the session.  I am sure you will find the affirmations and other things we discuss very interesting, so you might want to have a pen & paper handy to jot down your own thoughts.  To help you maintain this new high vibration, often your energy will give you “homework” or things you can do at home to keep you energetically “clean and clear”.

Unlike other means of talk therapy, Energy Clearing is meant to be quick, easy and simple with the intention that you don’t need to become dependent on me to help you move forward. I have found that after 3 consecutive sessions, you have cleared away enough of the negative energy that you are clear and focused and ready to move forward in some amazing and positive ways. Typically a bundle package means we will work together for 3 sessions in a 1-3 month period. After your initial 3 sessions, you can check in with me for a “Speedy Session” to do a quick tune up on your energy and “re-calibrate” as necessary.

Please take the time to read my Frequently Asked Questions, it will help you feel even more prepared for our session so that the time together is used most effectively.  If you have a more specific question, feel free to email me at thelightsomelife@gmail.com