SimplyHealed™ is a simple and natural way to improve any aspect of your life.  It is a powerful method that clears negative emotions on a mental, emotional and physical level.

SimplyHealed™ specializes in clearing generational issues and repairing flaws in the emotional DNA, some of which may have been in the family lineage for many generations. This powerful method of healing changes energy patterns as well as subconscious beliefs.


What to know about a Private Session

Each Private Session is conducted via phone/skype.

I ask that you come prepared to focus on a few areas of your life that are concerning to you. These could be things associated with your physical, mental and emotional health, your relationships, home, business/work and even your pets.

Each session is conducted with the intention that what comes up to clear is for your highest and immediate good.

I am sure you will find the things we discuss very interesting, so I encourage you to have a pen & paper handy to jot down your own thoughts and ah-ha’s!

To help you maintain this new higher vibration, often your energy will give you “homework” or things you can do at home to keep you energetically “clean and clear”.

Commitment to the healing and clearing process is important to seeing the changes you desire in your life.  For this reason I recommend a series of at least 3 sessions to deeply address the many areas that need attention.

Please take the time to read my Frequently Asked Questions, it will help you feel even more prepared for our session so that the time together is used most effectively.  If you have a more specific question, feel free to email me at