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I came across various kinds of alternative medicine over 10 years ago.  Prior to that, I didn’t know much about any medicine, just that I had a healthy childhood and when I got sick Mom would give me some Vitamin C to chug down.  I am open to and have always been easy with the idea that healing can happen independent of western medicine, it must be in my blood since my Grandpa was a Chiropractor.

When I was 20 years old I had knee surgery for some kind of inflammation in my knee that no one could explain or diagnose.  The doctors assumed it was an auto-immune disorder of some kind, so it was decided to go in surgically anyway and see what might be wrong.  The recovery of that surgery has taken nearly 10 years to feel completely back to normal.  But, it opened my mind to consider what caused my body to suddenly inflame and have to experience unnecessary prodding by surgeons.  As part of my recovery I did physical therapy.  Later I also learned about essential oils, homeopathy and muscle testing.  I went to a variety of chiropractors and with each had a unique experience.  I learned about Iridology.  I also began to realize how food we eat can have specific healing properties.  Those experiences were overall positive and allowed me to ponder a bit more about my body and what it was telling me.

I was a pretty sporty and active person for most of my early years, then I got married and pregnant with my first daughter.  All of a sudden, I went from being active to feeling sedentary.  The pregnancy went well beside being very tired and soon I had a beautiful baby girl and was learning how to be a mother.  If I didn’t understand something or thought there might be a way to help heal an aliment alternatively, I would research it out.  But for the most part I still felt very much beholden to traditional western medicine and trusted their all knowing opinions.

Six weeks after my second daughter was born I had appendicitis and of course, my symptoms weren’t the typical symptoms.  I had doctors prodding me over and over until finally they realized what was going on and I had surgery.

20 weeks into my third pregnancy we found out that our baby had died in my womb for an unknown reason.  It was attributed to something as strange as being hit by lightning and that it probably would never happen again since I had already had 2 healthy pregnancies.  This was emotionally and physically challenging.  We mourned and grieved the brief  life and death of our baby boy.  It was soon after that I realized that something wasn’t right with my body.  I was experiencing weight gain and muscle fatigue and soon it was determined that I had Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.  My options were limited to live with the symptoms or be on Thyroid medication for the rest of my life.  I was determined that I wasn’t going to have to take medication for the rest of my life and decided to look for alternative options.

It was then that I was somehow introduced to Naturopathic Medicine.  I was living in Southern California at the time and most Naturopaths would charge $250 a visit not to mention additional supplements.  With that not being in my price range, I instead happened across a Doctor that worked most exclusively by word of mouth and charged less than half of the others.  He treated me with various healing modalities and encouraged me to have my silver fillings removed then detox the heavy metals in my system.  I met with him every 6 weeks as he continued to support me in my healing process.  He was my first true introduction to energy medicine.  He used color therapy, reading the body systems, prescribing supplements and food guidelines to help heal me.  During this time I found out I was pregnant for the 4th time.  This made me nervous for a lot of reasons as  I was trying to heal my body and my spirit.  The timing of this wasn’t expected but my doctor assured me he would do all he could to help my body and the pregnancy be healthy.

When my OB/GYN realized I was dealing with Thyroid problems, she wanted me to be on medication immediately for the duration of the pregnancy.  I convinced her to hold off for 1 more month to see if my Thyroid numbers would drop.  In a panic I then went to my Naturopath hoping that my gut decision was correct.  He assured me that the numbers would come down and to be patient.   My blood work results a month later showed my body had responded to my Naturopathic treatments and my OB was more comfortable with my choice to not take medication.  My family doctor was also amazed at the blood work results as he was also monitoring my progress.  Months later we welcomed our 3rd daughter.  A robust and healthy little girl.  We were elated and happy to have had such a successful pregnancy.  The experience with my thyroid made me pay that much more attention to the potential benefits of alternative medicine.  I continued to use my Naturopath and learn more about energy medicine and how it is not limited to distance as I had experiences of him working on my energy from states away and still felt the positive effects of it.

Life changed, and as much as I wanted to continue to see my Naturopath, I couldn’t afford the $300 every 6 weeks for consultation and supplements.  I wanted to learn how to have the same effect of healing for myself and my family.  For the next 2 1/2 years I begin learning about the Chakras, Meridians, Aura and other energy systems.  I read Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine book and opened my mind even more ideas.  I would practice tracing the meridians on myself and my husband and have a small daily routine to help my energy as a whole.  I was introduced to crystals and their use in helping clear the Chakras and also magnets to help with physical pain.  I did EFT sessions and was seriously considering doing RET (Rapid Eye Therapy).  I also learned more about Reflexology.  I wasn’t really confident in muscle testing and at that point didn’t realize the amazing potential of Applied Kensieology.

Through that 2 1/2 years time I experienced 2 more strikes of  lightning, or in other words miscarriages, during my 2nd trimester.  We lost another baby boy and a baby girl.  Each of these losses increased my desire to understand what was going on with my body and with my babies.  Nothing medically could explain what was happening.  The pain of loss and grief was significant.  After my 3rd loss, I was approached by a friend who had started training in Simply Healed™.  She offered to do an energy clearing, and since I knew I needed help, I thought, “Why not? Can’t hurt anything.”  Besides, she spoke my “language” and it was nice to find someone who was open to other ideas of healing our mind, body and spirit.

I sat with her for about an hour, and was amazed at the simplicity of her work.  This work didn’t require me bringing up old buried memories from my past, the integration was quick and simple and non-invasive.  I didn’t have to tap all over my body or repeat affirmations over and over and over again to make my energy get the message that something needed to shift.  Simply Healed™ was so comprehensive and simple.  It connected all the dots from the many other modalities that I had learned of.  Most significantly, it was the personal results I experienced that showed me there was something in this method for me.   The idea that emotions often are the breeding ground for physical maladies and experiences resonated with me.  Ten days after the passing of my 3rd baby, I should have been in deep sorrow and pain, but I walked away from that hour session feeling as light as a bird and happier than I had been in a long time.  How could this be?  I didn’t know HOW, I just knew that it worked.  I wanted to learn more about the how and why.  If I could feel this way, surely other people could move forward in their lives also from deep pain and suffering.

In all honesty, I began this journey hoping that I might find the energetic cause for these multiple miscarriages, hoping to flip the switch, so to say, so that this would never happen again.  Who knows, maybe by clearing out some of my generational baggage in my 2nd (womb) chakra and other energetic clearings will pave the way for a healthy pregnancy.  But more significantly, the effect of this work for me personally is the shift I have had in my mind.  Clearing out the negative has made way for more positive.  For instance, instead of living in fear of getting pregnant and losing another baby in pregnancy, I choose to embrace my life and the experiences of it.  If I get to be with my next baby for only 15-16 weeks, I will enjoy every moment of it!  That is my only regret of my previous losses, that I didn’t appreciate and enjoy the gift of the moment and instead let fear take over the joy of my life.  I hope to connect with and help other women who have walked a similar path and become a tool to help them find relief and peace in a situation that would naturally scream anything but.

I am now a Certified SimplyHealed™ Practioner and continue to see the effects of this work on myself, my husband and children, family, friends and clients.  This energy clearing is about just that…clearing out the darkness and making space for the light to fill in and carry us to a higher way of living that resonates with our eternal beings.  I would love to assist you on your journey to a happier and lighter way of life!

I hope you will join me on my journey of living a Lightsome Life.



Tamarah Bartmess is a wife, a homeschooling mother and a SimplyHealed™ practitioner, trained in the most comprehensive and efficient energy clearing modality available.  If you are looking for a simple way to experience greater confidence, clarity and contentment in your personal, professional and home life, schedule a 50min private session with Tamarah today at

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Tamarah Bartmess is a wife, a mother, a life long learner and entrepreneur. Her mission is to empower women to become advocates for their own health through knowledge about their body, mind and spirit. She especially loves to educate on the benefits of essential oils for supporting the body's health. Tamarah is a Certified SimplyHealed® Practitioner. In her one on one coaching and energy healing sessions Tamarah provides a simple way to experience greater confidence, clarity and contentment in your personal, professional and home life. *The information I share on this website is intended to be for informational purposes only. Nothing I say is intended to provide a professional medical diagnosis or to recommend any particular course of treatment, nor cure any diagnosis provided by a professional physician.*

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  1. Cyndy Weiss says:

    Thanks for sharing such a personal story. It is the RESPONSE to life’s adversity and tragedy that tells us who we really are and whom we really trust.

  2. Amber says:

    Inspiring. As always. You have a way with words and obviously a gift. I would love to learn more about this, and am so glad that you have found the healing and peace you were seeking! Love it.

  3. Crystal says:

    Tamarah~ thanks for sharing this. I am really interested in learning more. I have Hypothyroid issues and would like to get out of the fatigue etc that I feel every day. Thanks.

  4. Jenn says:

    Tam, I’m just so excited for you and everything you are doing! Keep seeking the light! Love you!

  5. Cathy Cadd says:

    You are truly an inspriation. Thanks for sharing your story.

  6. Teri says:

    Are there any oils that should not be used during pregnancy? My niece is 4 months pregnant and is having a horrible time with sinus problems and congested.

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