My Dressing Your Truth™ Makeover

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I love the Dressing Your Truth Program.  It is a great way to connect the unique energy of WHO you are with WHAT you wear.

After I came to a confident decision of what my Energy Profile was (you can read about Energy Profiling here), I started down the road of learning how to express my bright and animated nature with my clothes, my hair, makeup and accessories.  I will say that I am still on this journey, but it is a journey that is a lot of fun!  Of course, I would be saying that as a Type 1.

I had been living in Utah for 9 months before I finally made the 20 min drive to the Dressing Your Truth Salon.  For all my fellow DYTers (Dressing Your Truthers) around the entire world who would give anything to live so close to the one of a kind DYT Salon and Clothing Store, I apologize to you for taking so long to get there.  The Salon is unique in that the hairdressers are trained to understand each of the 4 types and honor that in how they cut, color and style your hair.

My hairdresser was Nicole Kinateder.  A-ma-zing!  She is a Type 4, and very precise and thorough.  I came in saying,  “Just fix this” motioning to everything around my face, and she did!  I didn’t realize until after my haircut, what a difference it makes!  I can’t believe I thought I could get away with “trying” to Dress My Truth, without addressing the largest accessory (my hair) that surrounds my face.  After my hair was done, I didn’t see that drab hair that takes away from the brightness in my face, I actually felt like I SAW my face.  I saw my eyes and I saw ME!

Nicole took the time to teach me how I could specifically style my hair and maintain it for 2-3 days without having to do it again, which is a great time saver as a homeschooling mompreaneur.

So my Big reveal to you all…


The hair was a little big for me then so I had to work on being okay with teasing it, but just not too much.  A few days later my hubby took so photos of me that I feel are really a reflection of both my inner and outer beauty. (see below)  It is nice to feel that they are both matching now. :)

I think as women, we don’t know how to connect who we feel we are with how we choose to dress ourselves.  Some of us carry deep complexes about spending time and money on ourselves.  I know that I held beliefs about myself not being worth the investment.  These beliefs often showed up in being envious and judgmental of others who did take the time to honor their beauty in this physical way.  We are very willing to sacrifice ourselves for others.  This is a great God-given gift to us women, to be so willing to give of ourselves.  I am learning the lesson, that in honoring myself, I bring honor to others.  I see that in letting my light shine, I allow others to do the same.

Now I fully embrace this woman that I have always been for 32 years, I choose to let myself shine and live more true to my nature than ever before in my life.  I am glad I am learning this lesson now, because I have 3 daughters and I intend on them being comfortable with who they are, inside and out, from a young age because they are meant for great things!


So now you get to VOTE on your favorite head shot.  Let me know what you think?  Leave your choice in the comments below.

If you are interested in learning more about Dressing Your Truth you are welcome to click the book and it will take you through to the website (I am an affliate, just FYI).  If you get the course I do get a little kickback.  But regardless I would love to hear about YOUR experience with coming to know the Beauty of You!

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  1. Brenda Keizer says:

    You are beautiful!!!! I love your new look…loved it especially when I saw you in person :-) I really love pic 4 of you, because it shows off your beautiful blue eyes!!

  2. Lori Thayer says:

    Awesome Tamarah. I didn’t realize you were a DYTer too! I’m a T4, coming up on my 1 year anniversary of Dressing My Truth. It’s an amazing program.
    I love the 4th photo. It really shows your fun side. Your blue eyes show beautifully and the jewelry is just right and adds to the photo.

    • Tamarah Bartmess says:

      Lori-My sister, Allison and I, started The Clothing last year in our excitement about DYT. It has sorta taken a back seat these days, but we really love the fun of everything DYT

  3. Sylvia Sanford says:

    I have to agree – #4 shows all your beauty – Wish I had discovered DYT when I was younger!!! It does make a very positive difference ;o)

  4. Olga Hermans says:

    This is a great transformation Tamarah! I have to agree that Picture 4 is the best; you naughty blue eyes speak volumes! :)

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Picture number 4 is amazing! Where did you get that awesome blue shirt! You look lovely!

    • Tamarah Bartmess says:

      It is actually an Izod shirt, but I can’t remember WHERE I picked it up. I love it though. A perfect Type 1 shirt.

  6. Love it and LOVE picture #4! I think I need more information on DYT. Sounds very interesting!

  7. Michele Lewis says:

    Number 4. Because of the lighting. You look awesome in all of them but there aren’t shadows on number 4 so your face is clear and BRIGHT!

    btw CUTE earrings!

  8. Anna-Maria Larsson says:

    You look great!!! I love pic no 4.
    Good luck on your journey!

  9. I totally agree – You are beautiful!!!! I love your new look too :)

  10. Gael McGraw says:

    So far it’s unanimous – #4 is the winner! I second what Lori said and give it a big DYT forum “THIS”!

  11. Katherine Goodwin says:

    You look amazing in all of them but #4 shows it the best!!!

  12. Mary Ann says:

    Love them all, but do especially like #4…it truly captures your One-Ness!
    Loving life!

  13. pat says:

    I agree with everyone else. Definitely number 4. You look so vibrant and alive in that one.

  14. Solvita says:

    I would pick all 4 – they are all amazing! – I think you look beautiful!!

  15. Froan says:

    Hey I just found out I am a one too. That was totally unexpected as I lived the total opposite for years now. I have been very tired, down and passive for all this time. Knowing that I am 1 is so freeing. Since I know (2 days ago) I felt my happiness and energy coming back. I have to say when I see your facial features I would classify you as a 3 or 4 in stead of a 1. Good luck and have fun with your new knowledge. Bye

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