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I have had this phrase repeating in my head. While teaching my children about art and watching some how-to videos on YouTube about Line Drawings, I quickly came to realize how deep of a principle and universal law it is to understand. All that is created and learned is done so, LINE upon LINE.

Each of us are creators, we have this instinct within ourselves to make, do, and speak what creates life! Along with this desire comes as well the human expectation that everything we create becomes the final product in the blink of an eye or with a simple “bippity-boppity-boo!”.  Reality is so much different. It would seem that the laws of the universe would direct us to understand that one small thing built upon another small thing….over time, is what creates beauty.

We fight against this principle so often as we look for quick fixes and magic pills.

I am fascinated by people who know how to draw. They can see things I have not trained my eye to understand or see. But each and every drawing begins with one simple line. Adding more and more lines of varying thickness and value, and after a period of time there is now something beautiful before you. Our family friend, Travis Hanson is a wonderful artist and I thought his depiction of The Sculptor would remind us of the process that goes into creating anything.  The idea is always first, followed by many sketches, trial and error repeated over and over. The end result is nearly there and is basically waiting for us to take action.

Whatever you are involved in, from raising children, to building a new business to writing books, to bake cakes and cookies, to creating music, to just trying to be a little better every day… be understanding of this law. That what you are seeking needs a foundation and that foundation is made strong by The Law of the Lines. Line upon line is something that has served God well, and we would be smart to consider and apply this principle to every facet of our lives. I know I need to in my life!!

To make this more REAL for you I encourage you to watch these videos I have chosen to emphasize this principle that I too am trying to understand and implement into my life. It actually makes me feel lighter, and to put less pressure on myself to have a finished product of whatever I am creating, by, like yesterday.

“I move through life at a pace that is honoring of my mission and purpose and the relationships in my life.


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