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These are important topics and have a special place in my life.  I have experienced the loss of 2 boys and 1 girl in pregnancy.  Their names are Spencer Mark, Evan Riley and Carole Lynn.  Though they are not with us now, they continue to play an important role in our family.  After our last loss of Carole Lynn,  I found so much hope and healing through the unexpected journey of energy clearing and emotional healing with SimplyHealed™.  I want so deeply for other women to find new hope and healing for themselves and their family in the midst of these struggles.

For the women that are open to alternative forms of healing the body, mind and spirit and whom have struggled with Infertility and Pregnancy Loss I want to offer my assistance. 

Why would this benefit you?

When we carry the heavy burden of our emotions and don’t find ways to release them, it eventually will show up in our bodies in physical ways, in this case, difficulty with fertility and pregnancy.  We also carry inherited “emotional DNA” or the unprocessed emotions from our ancestors that can also cause havoc in our body, particularly the body and energetic systems that affect fertility and pregnancy.  Clearing these underlying root emotions and imbalances, will not only allow your spirit to heal, but your body to respond in kind.

I know the joy and hope of expectations, and the pain and sorrow of disappointment.  I understand the hesitancy to try again and create a new life.  I understand the difficulty of wanting to live in the past and stay close to the “could have’s”, while everyone else marches on with life.

I am your cheerleader.  You are amazing women who pass through these struggles and often move forward in life with such passion and purpose, making sure that your struggles have not been in vain.  There are also many of us who don’t know where to turn and don’t know how to face the raw emotions that we carry.

Through energy work, we seek to identify the energetic blocks that are potential contributors to our pregnancy losses and difficulties with fertility.  Though I am not promising that a session with me will instantly make you able to conceive, or prevent another loss, I do believe that you will be in a better place after 1 personal session, to move forward in your life and with clarity know how to proceed. I have great hope for you and myself in the journey to create new life.

Take a moment to ready My Story and some of the FAQ about this work.  If you feel it is right for you or someone you know, please contact me and we will schedule a SimplyHealed™ session.

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Tamarah Bartmess is a wife, a mother, a life long learner and entrepreneur. Her mission is to empower women to become advocates for their own health through knowledge about their body, mind and spirit. She especially loves to educate on the benefits of essential oils for supporting the body's health. Tamarah is a Certified SimplyHealed® Practitioner. In her one on one coaching and energy healing sessions Tamarah provides a simple way to experience greater confidence, clarity and contentment in your personal, professional and home life. *The information I share on this website is intended to be for informational purposes only. Nothing I say is intended to provide a professional medical diagnosis or to recommend any particular course of treatment, nor cure any diagnosis provided by a professional physician.*

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  1. I love this, Tamarah. I have been unable to conceive during 10 years of marriage, until Feb 2011, when we were completely surprised with a pregnancy that ended many weeks later. I can truly, honestly, with 100% peace and happiness say that I am not harboring any negative feelings about infertility, as my life has been absolutely perfected and blessed by the amazing miracle of adoption. But I can fully relate to those who harbor sadness, anger, and so many other emotions associated with infertility, as I have SO been there in the past. I’m so glad there’s people like you to help!

  2. Jo S says:

    Hi Tamarah. You speak to my heart at a low time. In October I had my 7th pregnancy loss. I have no children. It feels especially sad at this festive season. I have a diagnosis of 3 types of genetic blod clotting disorder, but I feel blocked, and currently my childhood trauma is at the forefront of my mind. I am having bad dreams. I feel like a wreck but I live in Spain and can speak to no one except my husband. I asked him the other day ‘who will be my cheerleader?’ (normally my job for all), and then this morning, when I am in a particularly bad place, I read your post.

    I don’t know what you can do for me, as I said, I am in Spain. Thank you for you post, I felt a little less alone.

    Kindest wishes

    • Tamarah Bartmess says:

      Thank you Jo! I am grateful that you were able to find some solace in my comments. Please feel free to contact me if you would ever like to talk in person. I know passing through this alone can be overwhelming.

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