How to Keep a Clean House – Made Simple

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“Life ain’t all sunshine and roses” is what Rocky Balboa says, and it’s also something my Husband likes to quote.

It’s true!  There are certain things we all deal with that can really be a personal struggle.  You wanna know mine?  Keeping a consistently clean house!

It would be nice to maybe some day have a housekeeper, but until that day arrives, I’ve got my own two hands.  Well, I guess I do have the helping hands of my husband (who is excellent at laundry maintenance!) and my 3 little girls who are learning how to work along side the Mama.

Martha Stewart’s Homekeeping Handbook was an AMAZING read, but I just don’t have time for all those details!

Fly Lady – I could never remember what I was supposed to do and felt a bit behind everyday since I don’t like to tie up my shoes every morning, ’cause I prefer bare feet or flip flops.

If you have found either of these resources helpful, I’m not doggin’ them, they just didn’t work for me.

Life keeps getting busier for me and honestly in an answer to prayer, a Friend (Thank You Julie!) shared with me….

Taaa Daaa….


This is something I understand!  I know exactly what I need to do each day because it relates to me and I find purpose in the plan.

Betty Meyers wrote this book back in 1984.  It is currently out of print, though I really wish they would re-print it!  Basically each day of the week has a THEME that is associated with the Judeo-Christian view of the creation of the world.  There is plenty more detail, but for copyright infringement, I don’t know how I much can really share.  So, you’ll have to go find your own copy with Amazon’s booksellers.  I have made a basic outline of the plan and am offering it as a Free Download for you. (You can find more Free Downloads HERE)

Your FREE DOWNLOAD The Creation Plan (692)


Pretty simple, it takes the guilt out of housecleaning.

I used to feel so guilty for all that didn’t get done.  Now, I have a plan that works for me and if something doesn’t get done one day of the week, no stress, the same day will come around the following week where that can take priority.

Also, all those deep cleaning chores that don’t get done on a regular basis, no worries, each week of the month has a special focus, so over the course of the entire month, you are getting it ALL done!

She also has a wonderful approach to attacking those major projects that are just TOO big to tackle in one day.

So, am I perfect at this plan?


Is my house cleaner.


Share with me the simple ways you have found to keep a clean house below.

If you like this plan too, then let’s make a fuss about it and get it re-printed to help every woman find inner peace in housekeeping.:)

Ahhh….now I can go make myself a Brazilian Lemonade.



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  1. Elvie Look says:

    That is so cool, I never heard of her or her plan before. Love it. I love Martha Stewart too, but feel as you. You know what? She has servants and staff – it isn’t real. I am for reality. Loved this. Hugs. Elvie

  2. denny hagel says:

    Great! I am 100% in support of anything that reduces guilt! Love it…Thanks!

  3. Such a great article Tamarah! Thank you so much for sharing :) .

  4. Michele says:

    Gosh….wish I had found this years ago. I agree with you on the other 2 books. Love them both but didn’t really work for me. I’ll give this one a good look! Thanks ;-)

  5. Love this! I think I am going to go find this book! Anything to help me keep not only the house in order, but my mind in order! Thanks for sharing!

  6. alisa says:

    WOW _ I love this!! I wish I found this YEARS ago!1

  7. Anne (Annie) Berryhill says:

    Oh how I loathe cleaning my house but how I LOVE having a clean house! I am hoping now that both of our kids have moved out that when i do clean, it stays that way longer! I am all for any tips and tricks that help me to stay on top of things. #1 is to do a little at a time….
    Thanks T!

  8. I love this idea! Thank you for inspiring me! :)

  9. Olga Hermans says:

    Great article Tamarah! I love the themes of the days; I think that is very inspiring. When I grew up we had red cabbage Monday and Fish Friday and things like that. I am with you as long as it is simple, it works for me…but when it is too complicated I am gone!! Thanks!!

  10. Love this so much. As a person who was NOT born organized, I struggle with the ins and outs of keeping everything neat and tidy. I will definitely give this a try and I signed up for your newsletter too!

  11. Carol Giambri says:

    What a great article. Taking the stress and guilt of housecleaning is fabulous idea. I like to keep things simple and if not done today, that is okay as another day is around the corner. Thanks for sharing.

  12. AJ says:

    having a plan for anything makes a huge difference.
    Nice post,

  13. Wil says:

    I used to use Fly Lady, but got away from it. My work keeps me too busy–sometimes I just name the dustbunnies and collect them when I can!

  14. Sue says:

    Love your article. Reminds me of the way my grandma used to clean — each day was set up for something special, and she kept things on that schedule. Love it..thanks for the stirring up that memory!

  15. Lori says:

    Great article and I love the plan! Now I am going to make some Brazilian lemonade!

  16. Cathy Cadd says:

    Tamarah, Back in the late 1970′s there was a tv show on here in Seattle. Cant remember the name of it now. These two sisters came on frequently and talked about their new book, The Sidetracked Home Executives by Pam Young and Peggy Jones. They broke down house cleaning chores and put them onto 3×4 cards. Certain chores were done once a month, every day or once a week. Each day of the week had certain chores to do. There were blue cards, pink cards for certain types of chores. They even broke it down to telephone chores. Things to do while your on the phone talking to friends and family. ( back then most telephones were in kitchen) so there are lots of kitchen cleanups. I had forgotten all of this until you posted this. I just found the book. Guess I need to dust it off and start cleaning again. Thanks for the memories. Cathy

  17. Victoria says:

    A friend told me about this book(The Creation Plan) around fourteen years or so ago. We never found the book, but both of us tried the plan to the best of our memories. It was one of the most successful plans I ever used to clean house, and I’ve tried several. (SHE was another one that sort of worked, sometimes) Now I’m overwhelmed again, and like Tamarah said, Flylady was a little too regimented for this barefoot mama. I was remembering with fondness my little chart I created that matched up to the Creation plan, and wondered if it was easier to find now with Google etc. Found Tamarah’s article! Went to Amazon to look for the book and guess what????? Kindle version for just over three bucks!!! Sold!

    • Tamarah Bartmess says:

      So glad you found it helpful AND that the book is on Amazon and kindle! Let me know how it jumpstarts your house keeping again :)

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