How Arrogance Kept Me From Success

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I didn’t used to think I was very arrogant, until I realized that I was. (Which is usually how that works right?)

I don’t know if it was all about control, power, fear or ego, but I basically have tried to strong arm my success…and man, my arm got REALLY tired.

I LOVE it when I get clear on my weaknesses, so I can address them and change them! It’s like fireworks going off in my brain and I will never be the same after making this ONE connection! I am still improving the application of this knowledge, but I am really making some progress!

I have been learning and growing (just like I hope all of you are), over these last six months especially. I want to share some of my KEY insights and experiences with you.

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I would love to hear your comments! On what you are looking for clarity? Have you ever been like me, thinking you really could do everything and be everything to everyone? What have you learned to change that habit?

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  1. Anna Warne says:

    Thank you for paving the way for me. I agree, I tend to have too many things happening at once, but I’ve been tying I simplify more. Many good points and I know it’s heartfelt and that you practice what you preach.

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