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Let me explain why I was SO excited to hear that doTERRA has sourced their own CPTG® Cilantro oil.

Years ago, when I was seeking for ways to naturally heal from Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, I found a wonderful Naturopath that suggested over and over that I get my silver/amalgam fillings replaced.  I kept putting it off, not feeling that I could afford it or that it would make much of a difference anyway. Then I lost a baby during the second trimester of a pregnancy. I realized I needed to get a little more serious about his advice.  The money we had set aside for our baby was then free to be used to take care of my teeth.  I had fillings in every quadrant of my mouth, I believe 8 overall.  I thought it so interesting how my Dr. went about chelating (pronounced KEY-lating) the mercury and other heavy metals from my body that were most likely affecting my thyroid gland as well as other parts of my endocrine system.  It took a few months to completely chelate enough of the metals out of my tissue using special clay baths, but over time my thyroid levels did returned to normal, to the utter surprise of our family physician. I am so grateful to state that today I have a perfectly healthy thyroid.

When Dr. David K. Hill D.C., Chief Medical Advisor and Chairman of doTERRA’s Scientific Advisory Board, referenced a study done on the affects of Cilantro and its benefit in chelating mercury from the body, my eyebrows raised and my ears opened wide.  The study only references mercury, but I would personally suppose that if mercury can be chelated with cilantro, then maybe it is also helping clean out other heavy metals such as lead and aluminum.

You can read the study on PubMed.gov here.  The study showed that after the removal of amalgam fillings, and despite the use of normal holistic dentistry practices of a rubber dam and proper ventilation & suction, deposits of mercury that were previously non-existent, were found in all the major organs of the body (ie. lungs, kidneys, endocrine organs, liver, and heart).  The mercury deposits were then successfully removed by ingesting 400mg/day of Chinese Parsley, aka Cilantro, for a period of around 4 weeks (400mg is equal to about 7-8 drops of cilantro essential oil). This was done for the average weight adult. Heavy metals are most often stored in the fatty tissues of the body, so the larger the body the longer it might take to chelate the body of the heavy metal.

Of course in my own personal excitement for this, I got my Cilantro oil and started taking it daily.  I could tell that taking 7-8 drops in a capsule all at once was a bit taxing on my kidneys, so from personal experience I would recommend spreading it throughout the day and allowing the body to pull the metal out in a more gentle way by using 1-2 drops in a capsule, 4x/day for 4+ weeks.

Another thought is to consider the connection between Traditional Chinese Medicine tongue mapping and the deposits of heavy metals in the body.  Through the chelating process the tongue could also experience its own kind of “detox” which is what I believe I experienced the first few days on the oil because of the funny metal taste I had in my mouth as well as sores that appeared on my tongue.

I personally feel that when evaluating your body systems and healing processes, first, determine your heavy metals overload. After removing those toxins from the body, re-evaluate you health conditions and concerns. If I was one struggling with any of the following disorders I would suggest getting tested for heavy metal toxicity and evaluating your need for replacing your fillings and/or chelating your body of excess heavy metals.

These disorders include: chronic physical and mental health conditions, like depression, anxiety, heart disease, addiction, cancer, chronic fatigue, headaches, high blood pressure, autism, memory loss, dementia, Alzheimer’s, adrenal disorders, thyroid disorders, candida overgrowth, Parkinson’s, chronic pain, hyperactivity, attention deficit, arthritis, MS and other auto-immune disorders, to name a few.

I can’t speak for the efficacy or purity of other brands of oils.  I prefer and suggest the use of doTERRA CPTG essential oils.  Feel free to learn more about them at www.doterrauniversity.com

Cilantro Oil: Retail – $34.67 / Wholesale Member (IPC) – $26.00

If you would like to purchase doTERRA essential oils at retail price you are welcome to do so on my website: www.mydoterra.com/lightsomeliving

If you would like to know more about purchasing doTERRA oils and other wellness products at a wholesale discount (25%) with no additional monthly commitments please email me at TheLightsomeLife@gmail.com

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor. I offer advice from my own personal experience and suggest that you seek out your own personal medical professional in evaluating your health care options.




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  1. Lynne says:

    Thanks so much for this information, Tamarah. Over the past few years, my dentist has replaced all my amalgam fillings, so I thought I was safe. But now I’m wondering how safe from heavy metal toxicity I really am. I am definitely going to use the cilantro as you suggest.

  2. Joyce says:

    I recently heard someone say that there is no benefit to doing a heavy metal cleanse if you don’t get rid of the amalgam fillings first. What do you think about that comment? It seems to be it would still be worth to get rid of some of the heavy metals exposure even if you can’t get rid of all of it.

    Love your posts!

    • Tamarah Bartmess says:

      I think there is truth to that Joyce. But getting rid of what you can is better than just letting it essentially kill healthy tissue.

  3. Hey, I am really excited to hear this. Do you think it’s a good idea to chelate even though I can’t replace my fillings right now? I know that I couldn’t completely be free of the metals while the metal is there. It’s on my one day to do list.

    • Tamarah Bartmess says:

      I would say go for it. You understand already that not all will be removed, but it will help. I also highly suggest you do some clay baths to get things out as fast as you can and lighten the burden on the kidneys and liver.

    • Tamarah Bartmess says:

      Michele, if you know how to muscle test, I would recommend you test the drop amounts for your use etc.

  4. Leah Luzecky says:

    Can you tell me more about clay baths that you recommend doing? How is that done? I am new to this and need to help my son get mercury out of his system. Thank you :)

    • Tamarah Bartmess says:

      Hi Leah, any high quality clay bath will help. I picked up some Redmond Clay from my health food store that I plan to use. A naturopath might be able to give you some of their preferences too.

  5. Emily says:

    You definitely don’t want to take cilantro while you still have fillings. It can pull dangerous amounts of mercury from the fillings into the bloodstream so always want to make sure the fillings are gone first! Also make sure you are having more than one bowel movement a day while chelating or you can do more harm than good. With that said this cilantro essential oil from doterra is the best I’ve had!

  6. Kristin says:

    I have two questions.

    1: You say to take the cilantro oil in a capsule, but show a bottle of essential oi. Do you buy capsules from you heath store and do it that way or can you just place a drop or two in water?

    2. I am seeing different views here about doing this with or without fillings. So which is it? Dont do it unless yu have all metal removed or go for it?

    • Tamarah Bartmess says:

      Hi Kristin, I would place a couple drops in a gel cap from a health store, yes. Also, I am not qualified to say to do it with or without fillings. My personal experience was such that I had already replaced my fillings years before I used cilantro oil. Heavy metals can come from more than just our fillings so you might consider going ahead anyway, just in a gentle approach with 1 drop a day in a capsule, or on the feet.

  7. Danielle evans says:

    Hello. Can you drink the oil mixed with water or place drops on tongue instead of using the capsules? Also is rubbing it on the feet (as stated above) just as effective?

    • Tamarah Bartmess says:

      Hi Danielle,

      There are so many different feelings of thought on this. The Oil is super strong. I don’t know if I could get it down with water if I tried. :) Rubbing it on the feet or spine or liver will be helpful. Dilute it with a carrier oil when applying and remember the key to oils is a little bit more often rather than a lot at once. Let me know how things improve. :)

  8. Ellie says:

    I just received thyme & cilantro oils from doTERRA. We’re do I get the capsules for putting the drops into?
    Thank you

    • Tamarah Bartmess says:

      Hi Ellie! You can use any veggie capsules from the health food store. Usually size 00. doTERRA also sells them if you search for veggie caps. If you would like more help with your oils or membership please email me at LightsomeLiving@gmail.com or come join our group on Facebook called NEW TO OILS. :)

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