A movement like no other: #findthebeauty2013

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I know this isn’t an original idea, but I want us to be part of making it a more frequent mentality in our culture. 

And, I want YOU to join me in this movement.

I have see this around me and even in myself – the not so ideal addiction to technology. We are glued to a reality that isn’t so real. We are caught up with the life that is portrayed in TV shows, movies, Social Media and more. Because of all this, we really do start forgetting the simplicity and beauty that can be found in nature, in the doldrums of life, in others and ESPECIALLY in ourselves.

I don’t think I need to go and find scientific studies to support this idea, because we already know.  We know that when we choose to focus on the beauty around us and within us, we are more likely to feel positive, to be more positive and to actually find solutions to our problems and challenges more readily (and we all have plenty of struggles and challenges).

My challenge to you is to use technology to spread this. Facebook, Blogs, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Use each and every avenue of technology to live this new kind of life. To live a life of awareness and optimism.

I want to document your moments throughout this year. My plan is that each month, starting this March, I will have a special post of just photos and stories that you have shared with me about your moments where you #find thebeauty2013 and then #sharethebeauty2013 with me and each other.  Email me your photos and stories to TheLightsomeLife@gmail.com

Will you join with me? Let start this wave of optimism rolling…

I see beauty ALL around me and within myself.

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